Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre (formerly the St John’s Community Centre) was established in 1968. We were set up as a charity under registration number 303176 as funding primarily came through the London Borough of Newham and the Diocese of Chelmsford. Initially, we operated as a youth centre but eventually expanded our remit by providing a wider range of services to the local community. In 2001, our charity was registered as a company limited by guarantee under number 4061669.

In 2010, following consultation with stakeholders, we changed our name to the Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre.


Mission Statement
  • to improve education and welfare opportunities for local people

  • to improve the quality of life for all sections of the community by reducing levels of poverty and providing support to those who need it most

  • to facilitate change by encouraging local people to engage with their community and to play an active role in issues relevant to their lives.

Strategic objectives of the Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre


  • to improve and strengthen the capacity of local people by providing them access to information and the opportunity to develop new skills, take up training and increase their employment prospects

  • to ensure there is a strong local voice around all issues that affect local people, their families and communities

  • to provide high quality support to children, young people, adults, isolated women, families and older people with a view to improving their standard of living by helping them to access new opportunities

  • to engage with local people at every level in order to address the social inclusion and community cohesion agenda

  • to improve the centre’s position as an effective organisation offering excellence in all aspects of our work.