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Career Progression Hub 

We offer a FREE community service specialised in supporting your career progression.


At the career progression hub we support local people and those living within the surrounding area as well as the wider community.


If you need assistance in finding employment, training and volunteering opportunities or just help and support to progress into your chosen career, please contact or call to book a career coaching session….

We Offer

Workshops & Training

Workshops around building employment skills including applying for jobs, social media to apply for jobs (Linkedin), CV workshops, interview skills and others. 

Free CV Checking

Does your CV standout from the rest? Take a professional review of your CV and receive constructive feedback on how to improve your CV.

Job Search

A workshop that will aid you in searching for jobs online. Learn how to get the most out of your job search.  

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Career & Jobs Fair

Attend our Career & Jobs Fair and find Volunteer, Job, Internships and Apprenticeship Opportunities in surrounding local and wider areas. 

Job Application Support

Get assistance with filling out and completing job application forms. We will help you to make your application stronger before submission.  

Mock Interviews

A great way to improve your interviewing technique is to practice. We provide advice on preparing, attending interviews and offer a mock interview for you. 

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Are you ready to take a challenge that will further enhance your career prospects?
Sign up for a challenge.

To sign up, send and an email 

Join RDLAC CPH in a 25-day challenge to improve your profile and your engagement with the platform.

We will give you 25 possible daily actions to choose from. You will complete one activity each day, taking 25 days of consistent action in different areas:


  • Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Connecting With Contacts, Companies, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers

  • Interview Preparation

  • Getting Involved in Groups

  • Giving and Getting Endorsements and Recommendations

  • Writing a Focused Supporting Statement

  • Developing Interview Skills

Book a Career Coaching session with us:
  • We can discuss your current job / career situation

  • Explore how you would ideally like your job / career to be

  • Evaluation of your job search or career management strategy

  • Review of obstacles that could be getting in your way


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