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Believe in Yourself

  • Recognise Imposter Syndrome in Yourself

  • Believe in Your Abilities

  • Believe in Yourself

Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever had the sense that you aren’t as good as others think you are? Have you ever felt it’s just a matter of time before you are ‘found out’ and people will come to their senses, realise that you are a fraud and expose the ’truth’ about you? Welcome to impostor syndrome. The good news is that you are not alone – millions of people feel this but it’s something that we don’t often bring up in casual conversation. Recognising that you might be impacted by impostor syndrome is the first step to a cure, followed by intent and practice in acknowledging trigger situations and learning how to react to them with confidence in your abilities. Believing in yourself is the ultimate goal.

How to Do This

Believing in yourself is a huge advantage as you go through a job search or career pivot process. Yet, the reality is we find that people who are searching for employment opportunities or crafting a new career can doubt their abilities. We are here to tell you not to do that.

Think of how someone who knows and values your accomplishments would introduce you to a stranger. Now, take that description and put it into your own words. Reframe it in a way you would feel comfortable saying it in a job interview or to someone you meet at a networking event. Spend 20 minutes brainstorming and write this down in your journal. Then practice saying it out loud until it sounds natural and comfortable. Practice tooting your own horn in an engaging healthy way.

Reflect and Be Proud

Take time to write down all of your accomplishments. Big, small, and everything in between. Keep this list handy so when you’re feeling any doubt, you can pull it out and remind yourself of how awesome you are.

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