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Between Jobs and Needing Money in Your Pocket? Try These Ideas for Working From Home

Unemployment certainly is stressful, but what if being between jobs could also be an opportunity to try something new? Whether you want to work part-time or full-time, there are all kinds of options for earning money right from your own home. Sure, there are also plenty of work-from-home scams to watch out for, but there are way more legitimate opportunities.

Go Into Business for Yourself

Maybe you’ve been sitting on a brilliant business idea for a while - or maybe you’ve never even thought about working for yourself. The truth is, being out of work presents the perfect time to start a small business, no matter where you are in the planning process (even if that’s the very beginning!). There’s still a demand for traditional mom and pop businesses, but there are also countless ways to make money through a web-based business, like blogging, e-commerce, or providing services as a virtual consultant.

For most people who are new to entrepreneurship, the biggest issue that stands in your way is fear. In reality, though, starting a business probably isn’t as scary or as complicated as you think. Once you decide on a business model, the web is full of advice to guide you through the steps, whether you’re launching an e-commerce store or your own service-based business like accounting.

The steps involved obviously vary based on the type of business you’re starting, but there are also some tried-and-true tips that can help any new entrepreneur. For example, when it comes to choosing a business structure, small businesses typically benefit from incorporating as a limited company. Registration should be at the top of your to-do list because doing so will give you tax advantages, in addition to personal liability protections.

Try a New Work-From-Home Gig

Starting a business is one way to take your future into your own hands, but it certainly isn’t the only option. When you’re struggling to find work in one field, why not consider switching to a different business sector that has more job openings? You may not even realize how many transferable skills you have that will be valuable in a new field. For example, if you have experience in customer service and an aptitude for math, the insurance sector may be perfect for finding a job working from home.

Find Flexibility With Freelancing

A third option that falls somewhere between entrepreneurship and traditional work-from-home jobs is to become a freelancer. Freelancing is perfect for someone who wants the flexibility to choose their own jobs, plus it allows you to do short-term gigs to get by until you find a permanent position. Freelancers are also in high demand across all kinds of fields. Some of the top work-from-home jobs are surprisingly easy to do, like online flyer distribution, and they can be done on your own schedule. You can easily connect with companies and individuals looking to hire freelance talent through online job platforms.

Spend Time Volunteering

While you look for meaningful paid work, consider spending some of your free time giving back to your community. Not only is volunteering a great resume builder, it’s a great way to expand your network, which could open up new opportunities down the road. Plus, it reduces your stress and makes you feel good!

We know how overwhelming it is to find your way through unemployment. You worry about what your future holds while wondering how you’ll get by financially. As hard as this time can be, it’s comforting to know that you don’t have to wait for another job to open up. Just remember, there ARE opportunities out there… and who knows, you may find a new career that’s even better than where you were before.

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By Craig Brown

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