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Thinking of Starting a Business??

With the recent crisis effecting employment and with more people working remotely. This season has opened the door to different opportunities, one of them being starting a business.

Perhaps you have been pondering on this thought for a while now or you already have an idea but are not sure how to start.

The British Library are offering a specialised "start-up" business workshop programme starting in the month of July. This programme is a free online interactive workshop taking place over

Eligibility for the programme:

To take part you should be a London-based business and: 

  • the owner of a business which is not trading.

  • registered at Companies House for less than 12 months.

  • an aspiring entrepreneur with a business idea you want to develop.

To register please click the link below


University of East London will be holding a summer workshop series commencing 14th July which are open to students, alumni and Newham residents only.

The workshops will help with business planning and the preparation involved.

To register please click the link below.

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